So, you have a data-backed project?

There's a lot of value to be extracted from your data, and a lot of potential in products you are building, yet designing, building and scaling data processing jobs and apps is not for the faint-hearted.

Data is dirty. Data must be tamed. Data providers change what they deliver in your back, and your data processing jobs must be carefully written, exactly like regular code. They also must scale as you gain customers!

What if you had an experienced ETL practitioner and Rails developer onboard with you?

You could more easily process your data, focus on delivering business value, keep the technical debt low, all while being able to add more features with confidence!

Well luckily, you came at the right place! I'm Thibaut, author of Kiba ETL and former maintainer of the activewarehouse-etl gem.

I have extensive experience in both code-centric ETL and also Ruby and Rails development (since 2005).

I implemented ETL in a wide range of enterprise setups — you can see a bit of that in this talk I gave in 2012:

I am also an experienced SaaS app bootstrapper, so I love helping out teams who work on innovative data-backed SaaS products!

What can I do for your company? Email me so we can discuss this!

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