What's ahead for Kiba ETL?

June 04, 2015

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Since I launched the first version of Kiba ETL 2 months ago, I received a good deal of feedback from happy users. The project is also nearing 400 stars on GitHub, which isn’t too bad.

I’m aiming at keeping Kiba ETL around for a long time, so I’d like to announce a couple of potential commercial developments to sustain it long-term.

“Data processing & ETL with Ruby” eBook

A lot of you would benefit from learning more about ETL, yet it can be daunting to get started. It’s frustrating to discover existing patterns only 2 years after your project is finished, when these patterns could have helped a lot!

To cope with that, I’m writing a paid ebook where you’ll get hands-on samples, patterns and recipes to learn ETL faster. I’ll be essentially sharing what I’ve learned writing and maintaining ETL processes for the last 10 years or so.

Interested in the Ruby ETL ebook? Please email me and let me know.

“Kiba Pro” (on steroids) yearly subscription

I’m strongly considering offering a Kiba Pro yearly subscription (licensed similarly to Sidekiq Pro). Kiba Pro would include:

  • Built-in parallel processing to handle your payloads faster.
  • A set of useful sources, transforms and destinations to get started quickly.
  • A permissive commercial license to allow private forking inside your company.
  • Priority email support.

Note that I’m already working on a prototype supporting parallel processing, with very little syntax change.

Buying a subscription will also support sustainable development of the open-source version of Kiba ETL.

Interested in Kiba Pro? Email me today and tell me more about your needs.

What about Kiba ETL open-source?

The eBook project and Kiba Pro do not invalidate my dedication to improve and maintain the open-source version of Kiba, quite the contrary. I’m willing to keep a general-purpose, code-centric, easy-to-use ETL open-source framework, focusing on maintenance and data quality.

A commercial offering makes it more likely for me to be able to keep the open-source version up-to-date as time pass.

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